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I got stubborn and wanted to have a way to send data from my sensor to a Google script and then have the Google script update a Google Sheet.  The problem I ran into was that Google was looking for an HTTPS connection to act like a good secure internet citizen.  I could not figure out how to call my Google Script directly from the NODEMCU.  There are some libraries being worked on to support HTTPS, but it was way beyond my programming and patience.

So, I found Thinger.IO and tried the HTTP Endpoint.  Although it did not work at first, Alvaro was great and helped to get it working.  Google is still very fragile in how it wants to handle JSON data coming through this path, but we can pass the required data.

The other advantage of linking into is that with the other endpoints I can connect in many other capabilities that should be fun.  Who new a garage door opening and closing could be so exciting.

I’ll get the code loaded somewhere when I get a chance.

Thinger.IO to the rescue

Thinger.IO to the rescue

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