Monthly Archives: February 2017

Stair Night Lights

I wanted to have some soft lighting on the stairs and didn’t really want anything too fancy.  Over the holidays I was able to pick up some 10ft Decorative LED String lights.  62 LEDs in various colors.  Connecting two together and then shortening it a bit leaves me with a nice string of lights.

These LED’s will tuck into the trim using some 3D printed holders.

About 18 ft of LED’s for the project running off of 3 AA batteries.

Initial Design:

NODEMCU in a box controlling a transistor to 5V for the LED.  USB power at 2A+.  All in a custom printed container.

  • On at Sunset
  • Off at Sunrise
  • PWM control for brightness TBD
  • Maybe Dim at midnight until sunrise