Breadboard and testing

I’ve actually been testing this for a while.  I use the Arduino IDE 1.6.5 with the NODEMCU board and then just connect with USB. Works well and I can use the serial port for debugging and learning.
The switch test fixture has made it really easy to test this out. As with the other stuff, I just modeled in Solidworks and then printed the pieces.
In the picture it is powered by a hacked USB powercube. This shouldn’t need much power to operate.
I’m using a 2N2222 to switch a 5V relay. The NODEMCU handles the conversion to the 3.3V the ESP8266 needs and I’m using that logic level to control 5V to the relay through the transistor.
I know it’s pretty simple, but still a lot of parts to get working.

The next step is to connect this up on a proto-board so I can mount it in the garage. I’ve created a box with holes for leads and LEDs to be visible from the outside. I’m starting the positioning of the key components.IMG_1064

The 6 wire header at the bottom is for the 2 sensors and the relay connection to the opener. The power will connect to the connector just above the relay.

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